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The Amader Kotha Helpline was first established in July 2014 to provide workers with a mechanism to report and resolve safety and other concerns in the RMG sector in Bangladesh. The Helpline was initially established as a project of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety following the Rana Plaza tragedy. In July 2018, the Helpline became an independent initiative available to all garment workers with the support of factories and brands.

Amader Kotha is a unique collaboration among three project partners – Clear Voice, a project of The Cahn Group that operates hotlines and builds effective grievance mechanisms in supply chains; Phulki, a respected civil society organization working to improve the lives of workers and their families in Bangladesh; and ELEVATE, the parent company of Laborlink, a leading business risk and sustainability solutions provider. Each partner brings years of experience building innovative, best-in-class labor compliance programs in supply chains. Read More

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Our Impact

Our numbers speak for themselves
  • 1.5 M Workers
Workers trust the system. We know because they call frequently, they tell their friends about it, they are willing to share their identity, and issues are resolved to their satisfaction.


In 5 years, we have saved lives and protected people and property by giving workers a trusted early warning system.

Fire Danger

Sparks were reported coming from an electrical circuit on the 3rd floor of a factory by one of the factory operators. When workers attempted to ring the fire alarm, it did not work. A similar event occurred a short time later the same morning. After being notified, management allowed workers to leave the building until the cause of the sparks could be resolved and the malfunctioning fire alarm could be fixed. Some days later, calls to workers in the building confirmed that the problems had been resolved

Building Safety

A worker observed cracks in the male bathroom of about 15-20 feet in length between the roof and the joint wall. Most of the required retrofitting and strengthening of the factory’s support structures had already been completed. The worker, Rashid was concerned that the cracks he found posed a risk. The factory was contacted right away and it was determined by experts that the cracks were not dangerous. This news was communicated to all workers in the factory over the public address system.

Construction Integrity

During a factory construction project, a 3rd-floor sewing operator called to report that several vertical beams had been cut and the building was shaking. After a review of the situation by a qualified expert, the factory ceased the construction work and will begin again only when proper precautions for structural integrity are in place.


At 11:30 a.m. in the morning, fire broke out in the 1st-floor washing division of a factory outside Dhaka. The Helpline received notice almost immediately from Iqbal who was working nearby. “I was unable to find the number for the fire brigade, but I had the Helpline number,” explained Iqbal. “Now we are conducting monthly fire drills in the factory and management is taking fire prevention very seriously.”  As it turned out in this case, the fire brigade had already been notified. But the added assurance of being able to reach the Helpline to make sure the fire authorities were on their way provided an extra layer of protection and comfort to Iqbal. No one was hurt and there was no significant damage to the factory.

Wage Payment

A newly hired sewing operator called the Helpline for support in getting the wages due her after she was terminated. She was asked to leave the factory during the probationary period because she failed to meet the production target. When the caller asked for her payment, the supervisor refused.
According to labor law, management must pay the worker’s full salary, including overtime during the probationary period. The Helpline communicated with a senior manager at the factory who assured the Helpline officer that the worker would get paid. The Helpline confirmed that the worker received full payment due and the case was closed.


Prevent problems through better insight

Call Data

Amader Kotha offers the best available data on what workers experience in the workplace
Our Most Commonly Reported Substantive Issues tell a clear story about the issues of greatest concern to workers. In the Safety category, these include fire and fire danger, cracks in the walls, occupational safety hazards, and locked or blocked exits. In the Non-Safety categories, most common issues related to wages and benefits, improper termination, verbal abuse, and leave.
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