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Launch of The Amader Kotha Helpline Worker Training Video

Launch of The Amader Kotha Helpline Worker Training Video

Creating awareness and trust of workers is critical to the operation of an effective grievance mechanism. In order to achieve this objective, information about how to use the grievance channel must be widely available and it must be presented in a culturally appropriate, relevant, and engaging way. 

We are pleased to announce that the Amader Kotha Helpline in Bangladesh has recently developed a new animated worker training video as a next step in our efforts to support a high level of worker awareness and trust. The video provides workers with detailed information about how to access the Helpline and what to expect when a worker calls to report safety or labor related concerns in the workplace. It serves as an additional tool to complement our printed posters, cards, and stickers as well as our in-person trainings when requested. The video is available in English and Bangla.

We encourage you to take the time to watch the video as part of our ongoing efforts to provide information about the Helpline and how it can support safe and decent working conditions in Bangladesh.

Worker Training Video – English
Worker Training Video – Bangla